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    • DJ-League updated to ver. 1.0.6

      Hello, We've updated the DJ-League extension to ver 1.06. The latest version comes with some responsive design fixes.  Take a look at the changelog and update your DJ-League installation. Cheers! 
    • DJ-MediaTools with Joomla 4 compatibility

      Hi, You can not miss the latest DJ-MediaTools update. The 2.17.2 version brings a full Joomla 4 compatibility, with rewritten backend for using the component in the Joomla 4.  We've also implemented few bug fixes. Take a look at the changelog and update
    • DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.1 with the Focus Indicators feature

      Hi, Don't miss the latest 4.3.1 DJ-MegaMenu update, which comes with the Focus Indicators feature for better website accessibility. When using the keyboard, the focus element outlines selected menu items (according to guidelines for WCAG 2.2) consistent
    • DJ-Classifieds 3.8.2 with 47 new features and 101 bug fixes

      Hi, You need to check the latest DJ-Classifieds update. The 3.8.2 version brings a huge number of new features including better performance, improved backend, master email template, and many many more. Take a look at the changelog and update your DJ-Classifieds
    • DJ-MegaMenu 4.3 introduces new features + new theme

      Hi, You should check the latest DJ-MegaMenu update. Version 4.3 brings the ability to add badges (labels) to any menu item, the possibility to show icons only, and a new theme called "Modern”.  We’ve also prepared a new demo site based on Joomla 4. Take
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    • Advert extra info

      Hello, Does anybody know how can i add not only the city but the perfecture of the city also,  in the advert short info table?  In the screenshot below it shows only the city after the category. Thank you.
    • Add original file extension to filename

      Please, add the original file extension to the file name or add a choise selection (add file extension: y/n). For example: logo.png → logo.png.webp logo.jpg → logo.jpg.webp Because now, if there are two images with the same name in the folder (logo.png,
    • Override from template not working in Joomla 4

      Hey folks, First time now using DJ Image Slider with Joomla4 and finding that override from template is not working properly. Copied file to template/css and even without any modifications full width slider has a 30px (or so) margin on the left with then
    • Tag & search dj-mediatools

      - Tags for items & categories - in Album view, list tags and show/hide items by Tag - Joomla search - Joomla Tag  
    • DJ-Classifieds plugin for JL Sitemap

      Hello, Are there any plans on making DJ-Classifieds plugin for JL SItemap? It would be so cool! JL Sitemap is a free sitemap component.