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    • DJ-Events UPDATE - the Joomla calendar & events solution has been improved with new features

      Hi, We've released DJ-Events version 1.4.3. Users can now export events to external calendars (Google, Outlook, iCalendar.) The DJ-Events control panel in Joomla 4 has a brand-new look! Learn more from the blog post:
    • DJ-Catalog2 4.0.8 and 3.10.8 update

      Hi, We've updated DJ-Catalog2.  The latest Joomla 3 version is now 3.10.8.  The latest Joomla 4 version is now 4.0.8. Changes made are: Improvements toward PHP 8 compatibility Minor CSS improvements Bug/warning message in Filters Wizard module You can
    • NEW RELEASE: DJ-Wcag Improvement plugin

      Hi, Meet our new release! DJ-Wcag Improvement is a new WordPress accessibility plugin dedicated to the YOOtheme web builder. Use it to improve YOOtheme elements and achieve WCAG AA-level compliance. DJ-Wcag Improvement is free to download! Learn more
    • DJ-Classifieds 3.9.1 UPDATE

      Hi, The DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.9.1 with new useful features and massive improvements has been released. We've added: Notifications about promotion's expiration 'Default category only' option on the Post Ad page Hiding empty regions in the Regions module
    • DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.6 release brings new submenu features

      Hi, We've released DJ-MegaMenu version 3.4.6. The latest Joomla 4 Menu extension update includes new submenu features and a few minor changes.  Menu module users can decide whether they want to open an active submenu on page load and how.  It is now also
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    • Webp images take up more space than original images

      Webp images have twice the size of original jpg images. How to properly set up the DJ-WebP plugin?
    • DJ MediaTools Malfunction

      I have multiple albums with sub-albums, each configured exactly the same (Slideshow, Image Height, Image Width, Title on the Right, etc.). Yet, the images in eight sub-albums (under District Scrapbook album) do not display as a slideshow; they are stacked
    • Broken Joomla 4 Templates / Yootheme

      The new Yootheme templates are currently not working, because the quickstart.php has errors. Firstly, the path for the log and tempo folder is set incorrectly.  '/home/ahdevpax1/public_html/quickstart-prepare/administrator/logs'. Second, quickstart.php
    • dj-megamenu

      Hi  How can I make the text bigger on DJ-MEGAMENU?       Cheers Karl      
    • Moduł DJ-Catalog2 Mapa

      Mam problem z tym modułem. W produkcie mam wpisane współrzędne i mapa wyświetla się poprawnie (jest wpisany klucz API) Natomiast w module, obojętne czy jest on wstawiony do artykułu, czy jest specjalne pole na taki moduł przeznaczony nie ma nic - nic