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    • DJ-Catalog2 with the support for products bundle!

      Hi, We've updated the DJ-Catalog2 extension. Version 4.0.6 brings the support for products bundle and a few bug fixes. The changelog with a full list of implemented changes is available as the "Release notes" in the Download section (more information
    • New plugin release: DJ-Popup

      Hi, We've released a new plugin: DJ-Popup. It's a plugin for WordPress & Joomla 4 working with a YOOtheme Pro Page Builder. Use that tool to build any popup/modal. Popup & Modal Boxes are a great way to boost your conversion rates! Learn more from the
    • DJ-FashionStore - our first eCommerce website Quickstart release!

      Hi, Recently, we've released DJ-FashionStore, our first eCommerce website Quickstart for Joomla 4 and WordPress, based on YOOtheme Pro web builder. DJ-FashionStore is an eCommerce solution for businesses dealing with clothing, fashion & products from
    • DJ-Classifieds Updated to ver.

      Hi, We've updated the DJ-Classifieds extension. The version brings 36 improvements.  The changelog with a full list of implemented changes is available as the "Release notes" in the Download section (more information button). Update your DJ-Classifieds
    • DJ-Catalog2 Updated to ver. 4.0.5

      Hi, The DJ-Catalog2 extension has been just updated. Version 4.0.5 brings a few changes and improvements.  Learn more from the blog post and update your DJ-Catalog2 installation. Regards!
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    • Add extra field in contact this advertiser

      Hi! Is it possible to add extra fields in "Contact this advertiser" in front end? Thanks
    • Prevent users from writing ads in the parent category.

      Hi! I created a parent category: CatONE. I created 3 daughter categories assigning each to a specific group of advertisers: CatA --> UserA CatB --> UserB CatC --> UserC Then UserA can place ads only in CatA UserB can place ads only in CatB UserC can place
    • Joomla 4 Templates not working

      We had purchased all the themes and extensions for one year, when joomla 4 templates was released to be able to install, we tried to install the new extension but none of them works.  When we install Joomla 4 templates we receive this error "The installation
    • Search in specific Account Type

      Hi! In DJ Classifieds I have created 5 account types. (Acc1, Acc2, Acc3, Acc4, Acc5) I published the mod_djclassifieds_profiles_search. I set the "Account type (Field group)" field to YES. But I would like the search to be done only on two account types
    • Add extra value in Custom fields

      Hi! I created a Custom field called "Music". The possible values are: "Pop", "Dance", "Rock", "Jazz" You can choose one or more of these values. Is it possible to give the possibility to add an additional value (for example "Classic") to the user? How