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    • DJ-Catalog2 for J!3 v. 3.10.7 & DJ-Catalog2 for J!4 v. 4.0.7

      Hi, We've released an update for DJ-Catalog2. Version 3.10.7 was released for J!3 and 4.0.7 for J!4. It brings few improvements. You can update your installation. Files are available in the download section along with the changelog: https://dj-exten
    • DJ-Catalog2 with the support for products bundle!

      Hi, We've updated the DJ-Catalog2 extension. Version 4.0.6 brings the support for products bundle and a few bug fixes. The changelog with a full list of implemented changes is available as the "Release notes" in the Download section (more information
    • DJ-Catalog2 Updated to ver. 4.0.5

      Hi, The DJ-Catalog2 extension has been just updated. Version 4.0.5 brings a few changes and improvements.  Learn more from the blog post and update your DJ-Catalog2 installation. Regards!
    • DJ-Catalog2 v.4.0.1 J!4 released

      Hi, The DJ-Catalog2 version stable for Joomla 4 has been released.  It brings Joomla 4 compatibility and some improvements. Learn more from the blog post. Cheers!   
    • BETA RELEASE DJ-Catalog2 for Joomla 4

      Hi, The DJ-Catalog2 4.0 ver Beta for Joomla 4 has been just released and is ready for your tests. Along with version Beta 4.0, we've released version 3.10 for Joomla 3, which brings some improvements and allows users to update to Joomla 4 seamlessly.