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    • DJ-Classifieds compatible with Joomla 4 - ready to use!

      Hi, DJ-Classifieds with a Joomla 4 compatibility was released.  The Joomla classified ads extension update brings a rich set of changes, including: Joomla 4 support Performance optimization New sub-views and layouts No MooTools A bunch of new features 
    • DJ-Classifieds for Joomla 4 - ready for your tests!

      Hi, We've finally released the DJ-Classifieds version beta for Joomla 4.  You can now test it and let us know your suggestions. ‍ DJ-Classifieds is now fundamentally redesigned, with Joomla 4 support, new parameters, optimized performance, rewritten views/layouts
    • DJ-Classifieds Updated to ver.

      Hi, We've updated the DJ-Classifieds extension. The version brings 36 improvements.  The changelog with a full list of implemented changes is available as the "Release notes" in the Download section (more information button). Update your DJ-Classifieds
    • DJ-Classifieds Updated to ver. 3.8.3

      Hi, DJ-Classifieds extension has been just updated. The version 3.8.3 brings new features and improvements. Learn more from the blog post and update your DJ-Classifieds installation. Cheers!   
    • DJ-Classifieds Updated to ver.

      Hi, DJ-Classifieds extension has been just updated. The version brings some fixes. Take a look at the changelog and update your DJ-Classifieds installation. Cheers!   
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    • Durations: Subscription Plugin vrs. Classifieds Durations

      There is an option in the subscription plugin for Durations that specifies the number of days that a users ad will be active until it expires. The Durations option in the main classifieds ad entry form allows the user to specify the number of days, as
    • Joomla 4 and DJ Classifieds 3,9 beta

      Installation of DJ Classifieds: 3.9 beta on Joomla 4 resulted in the following error: JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes Extension installation aborted. Package Install: There was an error installing
    • Promotions - Joomla 4

      I see that there is an access option in the promotions module (DJ Classifieds 3.9). I have 2 Joomla user groups listed but cannot apply a restriction to either. The only option I see is "public". Where/how do I configure the access option to include my
    • Points on Startup

      On Joomla 4 with DJ Classifieds 3.9. I cannot find the Points on Startup module anywhere. Discontinued? Downloadable? Thanks .. pmk