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    • DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.6 release brings new submenu features

      Hi, We've released DJ-MegaMenu version 3.4.6. The latest Joomla 4 Menu extension update includes new submenu features and a few minor changes.  Menu module users can decide whether they want to open an active submenu on page load and how.  It is now also
    • DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.5 Update

      Hi, The DJ-MegaMenu has been updated to the 4.3.5 version. It brings a few improvements and bug fixes, including Native support for license keys in Joomla 4 or Added possibility to use plain CSS icons instead Font Awesome. You can update your DJ-MegaMenu
    • DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.2 with the Logo display feature

      Hi, Don't miss the latest 4.3.2 DJ-MegaMenu update - it brings the possibility to display the logo in a desktop layout. Users can upload and display a logo image, placing it in different locations.  Take a look at the changelog and update your DJ-MegaMenu
    • DJ-MegaMenu 4.3.1 with the Focus Indicators feature

      Hi, Don't miss the latest 4.3.1 DJ-MegaMenu update, which comes with the Focus Indicators feature for better website accessibility. When using the keyboard, the focus element outlines selected menu items (according to guidelines for WCAG 2.2) consistent
    • DJ-MegaMenu 4.3 introduces new features + new theme

      Hi, You should check the latest DJ-MegaMenu update. Version 4.3 brings the ability to add badges (labels) to any menu item, the possibility to show icons only, and a new theme called "Modern”.  We’ve also prepared a new demo site based on Joomla 4. Take