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    • DJ-Classifieds ver. 3.9.2 available

      Hi, DJ-Classifieds 3.9.2 has been released. We've added new valuable features and a bunch of improvements. Active subscribers can update their installations. The changelog for this update you'll find in the download section:
    • DJ-Tabs 2.2 update

      Hi, DJ-Tabs, Joomla content tabs extension has been updated to version 2.2. We've added a few changes, some improvements, and bug fixes. You can update your installation. Learn more from the blog post:
    • DJ-Events UPDATE - the Joomla calendar & events solution has been improved with new features

      Hi, We've released DJ-Events version 1.4.3. Users can now export events to external calendars (Google, Outlook, iCalendar.) The DJ-Events control panel in Joomla 4 has a brand-new look! Learn more from the blog post:
    • DJ-Catalog2 4.0.8 and 3.10.8 update

      Hi, We've updated DJ-Catalog2.  The latest Joomla 3 version is now 3.10.8.  The latest Joomla 4 version is now 4.0.8. Changes made are: Improvements toward PHP 8 compatibility Minor CSS improvements Bug/warning message in Filters Wizard module You can
    • NEW RELEASE: DJ-Wcag Improvement plugin

      Hi, Meet our new release! DJ-Wcag Improvement is a new WordPress accessibility plugin dedicated to the YOOtheme web builder. Use it to improve YOOtheme elements and achieve WCAG AA-level compliance. DJ-Wcag Improvement is free to download! Learn more
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    • Joomla ‎4.2.2 compatible

      Is it safe to upgrade to Joomla ‎4.2.2 with DJ-Classifieds 3.9.1 or can I encounter problems?
    • DJ Image Slider Version 4.4 bug

      On PHP 8.0 and Joomla 4.2.2, an upgrade to Version 4.4 will crash your site IF (and only if) your site uses links from images.  The solution is to not upgrade.  My sites are on PHP 8.0 and work - compatibility with PHP 8 is the stated reason for the upgrade. 
    • Adding label for custom fields in Search Module

      Hi, Is it possible to have a label above the custom fields in the search module? Under the category dropdownbox I want to show the label: Filters. And  then below, as a group, checkboxes with the extra fields/filters
    • How to get the curency echange rates?

      Hi, there. Could it be possible to update all currencies rates with a clic (or CRON job)? Thanks in advance.
    • Quickstart DJ Classifieds Joomla 4

      Hello, When will there be a quickstart DJ CLassifieds Joomla 4 available? Thanks