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    • DJ-WebP 1.0 stable with full Joomla compatibility

      Hi, You need to check the latest DJ-WebP update. The 1.0 version stable introduced the full Joomla 4 compatibility. The code of the Joomla plugin was rewritten to work with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 within one package, so you can migrate Joomla from
    • DJ-Tabs Updated to ver. 2.1.1

      Hi, DJ-Tabs extension has been just updated. Version 2.1.1 brings some improvements. Learn more from the blog post and update your DJ-Tabs installation. Cheers!    
    • DJ-Classifieds Updated to ver. 3.8.3

      Hi, DJ-Classifieds extension has been just updated. The version 3.8.3 brings new features and improvements. Learn more from the blog post and update your DJ-Classifieds installation. Cheers!   
    • Meet the new DJ-Accessibility plugin

      Hi, We have recently released the DJ-Accessibility plugin for Joomla and WordPress.  You can now boost your website accessibility by displaying the accessibility options in a pop-up or a toolbar. The plugin has already been available, but the previous
    • BETA RELEASE DJ-Catalog2 for Joomla 4

      Hi, The DJ-Catalog2 4.0 ver Beta for Joomla 4 has been just released and is ready for your tests. Along with version Beta 4.0, we've released version 3.10 for Joomla 3, which brings some improvements and allows users to update to Joomla 4 seamlessly. 
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    • Just starting to build Shop with Catalog2

      I am wanting to ensure that I am putting this new shop together in the correct order. I have read through the entire set of docs, as well as viewed the videos for Catalog2. I'm using YooTheme and the DJ Cat2 Integrator. I have an exisiting site in Joomla
    • Details in specific Categories

      Is it possible to show Advert Details only in ads of specific categories?
    • DJ-ContentFilters configuration problem

      Hi, I follow the instruction for the configuration See but when I insert the checkbox builder element, I receive this message: "0 Class 'DJExtensions\Yootheme\DJContentFilters\Form\Helper\ContentModelArticles' not found"
    • DJ-EasyContact on Joomla 4 not working

      Hello On a fresh install of Joomla 4, DJ-EasyContact shows the following error (using loadposition within an article) 500 behavior::formvalidation not found. Do I need to wait for the module to be updated to J4? Here's the full log 500 behavior::formvalidation
    • How to order the Advert Details

      Hi! I would like to change the order in which the advert details are displayed. I go in "Field" and click on "Ordering" but I cannot change the order. Thanks