An option to exclude categories from category tree

An option to exclude categories from category tree

Hello guys,

Assigning custom theme for any category opens a way for customization and give the user an ability to make a unique design for various categories.

However, there is something that can extend the usage of DJ-Classifieds immensely!
It is an extra option in the menu items "category tree":
Exclude categories (by ID separated with a comma or add an interface to select the category name)

If a root category is selected to exclude, then all child categories should disappear from the category tree too.

What we can do with it?
A user can display classifieds and at the same time, there is a way to make a simple real property catalog or list of vacancies or whatever else.
So, we could create two menu items:

- Category tree (and exclude a few categories). The standard theme is assigned.
- Category blog. Select the root category which was excluded in the previous menu item. A custom theme is assigned.

As a result, such a small option allows creating different sections of the site using the same component which is awesome.

What do you think?