Analogue "Ghost Ads App" for Catalog 2

Analogue "Ghost Ads App" for Catalog 2

DJ -Ads has an application "Ghost Ads", please make an analogue for Catalog 2

This will be very useful for the SEO

An example from my personal experience
My site is used to show city events, interesting places to visit, etc.
Because the functionality of the DJ event is very weak, it is more convenient to use Catalog 2
Plus there are beautiful templates for Catalog 2
When an event has passed, for example, a concert and an artist will come to the city only after a year, but it's a pity to delete the page from the catalog (or disable the published position) and it's bad to have a 404 error
But at the same time, it is bad to save the event in the list, since this gives extra garbage in the list of events (users get confused), but at the same time good traffic comes from search networks to this page, it's very bad when the page is not available on the site

Or it can be implemented through an additional function, but in the function of the product card (event), so that the administrator can change the status of the product (event), so that the product (event) is not displayed in the catalog, but is available through a direct link and from search engines
Over time, it was required to return this product (event) to the catalog so that the status of the product (event) could be changed and the product card appeared in the catalog list

Similar functionality of the "Ghost Ads App" would help out