caching does not work in DJ-Classifieds Search

caching does not work in DJ-Classifieds Search

Good afternoon. Our team tried using your DJ-Classifieds component and it seemed very complete.
After creating the category blog page in the TOP, we added the DJ-Classifieds Search module, everything was fine.
But then we added 17000 regions which are divided into 20 cities and 200 districts.
Page response increased by 59 seconds!

In the settings, I see the options:
General Settings
-Cache in categories
-Cache in regions
-Support widget

But I don't see the creation of a cache folder for the DJ-Classifieds Search module after activating the cache for the entire joomla site and enabling the options:
+ Cache in categories
+ Cache in regions
+ Support widget

In the source code, I drew attention to the commented out sections relative to the cache.

Could you clarify the situation, the cache is not working due to the fact that this is another todo task, or have I configured something incorrectly?
With great respect?