DJ-Accessibility dark contrast and font size problem

DJ-Accessibility dark contrast and font size problem


I bought the program primarily because of the dark contrast mode and the possibility of resizing the font.
I tried the program. It's basically good, but there are a few bugs.

1. If I click the dark contrast button first, then the font resizing does not work. Neither the line height, nor the letter spacing, nor the page magnification. And if I click the reset button afterwards, it doesn't work either.
If I first click on resizing the font, the dark contrast also works. But the user of my website will not know this. In order, the dark contrast is at the top and the font resizer is at the bottom, so the dark contrast will be used first. It would be good to solve this as soon as possible, which is why I bought the program.
2. If I click to content scaling button, the content inside the page increases in the Chrome browser, which is good, but the control panel also increases in the meantime. I would like the panel not to grow with the content, because after a while it goes out of the picture and cannot be used. In the Firefox browser, the content of the page goes out of the screen while increasing the content and cannot be restored.
3. The text reading works well in the Chrome browser, but in the Firefox browser it reads all languages with English pronunciation, all languages other than English are almost unintelligible.

Do you know a solution to these? I would like the program to work well.
I am currently using Joomla 3.10.11, my entire website is based on it, I will switch to Joomla 4 later.

I took a few pictures of your website, and all the errors I described can be seen there.

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