DJ Classified also for a blog?

DJ Classified also for a blog?

I am creating a portal where we talk about the territory in which I live.

Together with the commercial activities (hotels, restaurants, bars, ...) I will also publish information on places of tourist, archaeological and landscape interest (castles, cathedrals, parks, ...) that are freely accessible.

I bought DJ-Classifieds to build this portal. The extension is ideal for the inclusion of commercial activities. 
I was wondering if there were any contraindications in including places of interest. 
In my opinion there are no contra indications, but I am only now learning to use DJ-Classifeds, so I am not familiar with this extension and I do not know if in the future there could be some problems that I do not see now. 

And then, is it possible to use the extension also for the blog?

Thank you in advance for the answer you want to give me. 

Thanks and good job!