DJ-Classifieds categories and checkbox fields display

DJ-Classifieds categories and checkbox fields display

Hi guys,

Something needs to be done to the categories and subcategories listing style at the top of the category blog or table pages. It looks ok on PC or tablet screens, but as we know most of people use mobile devices. Scrolling down each time to reach the advertisements is quite a pain in the ass for the visitors taking into consideration that sometimes they have to switch from one ad to another many times until finding something they were looking for. That kind of category display is ok when you have maximum 3-4 categories, but absolutely useless if you have more.

That would be just great to have a possibility to minimize it in some way. Opening down list, opening down field with limited height, which could contain as many categories as you want and users could swipe and select them up and down, left-right swipe slider (better to have a choice to display 1-2-3 categories vertically and swipe to access others), horizontal or vertical spinner, etc. Checkboxes also need a possibility to be displayed as some opening down (or permanently open) field with limited height where a user could swipe the content up and down and select necessary checkboxes.

Let’s consider I’m trying to add “cars” category to the standard JM template. In order to allow users who want to sell the car to list their car, I have to list about 300 models and I can use the custom field displayed as a select list. If I would like to allow searchers to choose several models/producers at the same time I have to display them a super long checkbox field which would look ugly at any device.    example   (see “Marka” field)

Using in search the checkbox type described above could be very helpful in such cases.

The component is a piece of gold when it’s used by the coder+designer, but there are also some desired features or ideas to be added (could be provided as the part of addons package) for the users with zero coding knowledge and could push them to use the component and templates.

1) Bottom menu for mobile screens with auto-hide during page scrolling feature containing, for example, home page, selected adds, add item, user cabinet, categories menu links.
2) Possibility to display adds in 2 rows on mobile screens – this type of display gets more and more popular, people tend to get maximum information as quickly as possible. example

3) Possibility to display price (PC and tablet screen) and “type” tags also at the image, not only below it. (same example as for item 2)

4) Small on-screen floating “call” and “whatsapp” buttons, which allow users to dial or message the owner of the ad.

5) And, please, make the “same height” feature for the “items” module available out of the box.