DJ-WebP - does not work

DJ-WebP - does not work

Hey there,

i downloaded your Plugin "DJ-webp" to improve my site. I downloaded and installed the plugin successfully.
I started to add the first directory for chainging my old .jpg images into .webp images. After i tried to preview my site for testing the new look all images were gone. I deactivated the plugin again and the pictures were luckily back.

For Information:

I use Joomla! 3.10.3
The Server and Browser setting in the plugin showing a green hook
I tested serveral different paths, nothing works. (everytime the images disappear)

While the plugin is activated my site e.g. shows for my slider images only a text like "Slider1" "Slider2" instead of the webp images.
I also recognized that in every folder i added to the directory the plugin already added duplicates of the old images in new .webp format. The are not previewed like the jpg images but they are in the folder (in attachement)...

I would really appreciate some help because i dont know what i'm doing wrong...