Subscription Durations

Subscription Durations

I understand that DJ Classifieds is just that, a classified script, and that most sites would have a subscription plan with a fixed ad length. So far, so good.

However, for users and site owners this fixed ad length can be restrictive if you want to extend the ads to include, say, directory type ads that would run for a long time or promotional ads (deals and promotions) that would run for shorter durations.

In my view, either removing the duration requirement in the subscription plan setup or having the durations option in the configuration section override the fixed subscription plan duration would resolve this hypothetical situation/problem.

On that point, if you use promotions and set them to run for 7 days, does the promotion disappear from the ad after 7 days or will it continue for the time set in a particular plan?

Easy for me to say as I know nothing of PHP.

Regards .. Paul
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