Add videos to product in DJ-Catalog 3.8.0

Add videos to product in DJ-Catalog 3.8.0

The video support feature allows adding videos to DJ-Catalog2 products.
Each DJ-Catalog2 product contains a “videos” tab, where users can add videos using the “upload videos” or “enter the video URL” option.
There is also a third option available - users can “Add videos from the server.”
Let’s explain each option now.

How to upload a video to DJ-Catalog2 product

Open DJ-Catalog component and go to "products." 

Open an existing product or create a new one. We will show how this feature works using the existing product. 

Could you choose the product and open it? Now open the “videos” tab. Choose the “Upload videos” tab and use the “Add files” button. 

Additionally, you can add the “video cover” image.

Save the product.
Let’s see the example on the front page.
As you can see in the example below, there is a video icon ( including the uploaded cover) under the main image.   

Click it, and the bigger icon will appear. Click once more to play the video. 

How to add the video to the DJ-Catalog2 product using URL

This option works the same way as the previous method described above. The only difference, you do not upload the video, but open the “Enter video URL” tab and paste the video URL there. It works with YouTube and Vimeo links. 

After adding the URL, you’ll be able to set the video cover like in the previous example.

How to add video from the server

Users can also add videos from the server. 

Using this option requires "file browser" to be enabled. For this purpose, open the DJ-Catalog component, go to "Options," and choose the "Image processing" tab. 

Scroll down to "File browser settings." Set the "use file browser" option as "yes." 

Enabling this option displays a third option at the product "videos" tab.
Choose the video from your resources, and you'll be able to set the "video cover" as well.

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