Category Tree Module

Category Tree Module

The category Tree module displays categories in tree layout like Category Tree component view.

Frontend view

Backend view

Short description:

  • Module Class Suffix - this is a regular field to enter the module class suffix if you want to get different styling for the module.
  • Ordering - Ordering / Name
  • Category Tree sort type - select layout
  • Category Tree columns - number of displayed columns
  • Category Tree levels - number of displayed category levels
  • Category ads amount - set how to display ads number in Category Tree
  • The image in Category Tree - select maximum levels with images displayed
  • Type of First Level - a type of First Level in Category Tree. You can choose a standard category tree link or category with a description similar to categories on adverts view.
  • Type of Last Level - a type of the last level in Category Tree
  • Parent category - choose the parent category from the list.
  • Hide empty categories - Yes / No

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