Community plugin (Jomsocial integration)

Community plugin (Jomsocial integration)

This plugin integrates DJ-Classifieds with Jomsocial on two ways.
  1. It posts information about new advert in the community stream.
  2. The user's profile displays module with last ads posted by the user

This plugin comes free with the subscription of the extension.
You'll find it installed (you may need to enable it manually) after extension's installation. Alternatively, it's available in the downloads section (available for active subscribers).

Basic options:

  • Module latest adverts – decide whether you want to show module with new adverts in a user profile
  • Adverts limit – enter the maximum number of ads displayed in the module.

Advanced options:

  • Core Application - Causes this application to not appearing the users' applications list, but it will allow this application to appear in the user profile automatically if selected.
  • Available Positions - Select one or more open positions from the list.

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