The DJ-Classifieds component allows you to collect and display ads in unlimited categories and locations. It also allows charging users for adding their own ads with the possibility of establishing individual rates for each category and additional payment for promoted ads.

Let's take a look at the landing page of the DJ-Classifieds component.
Navigate to Extensions → DJ Classifieds, and you will see the control panel:

Short description:

  • Categories – shortcut to a list of available categories
  • Items – shortcut to a list of available adverts
  • Extra Fields – shortcut to a list of available extra fields
  • Location – shortcut to a list of available locations
  • Durations – shortcut to a list of available durations
  • Add category – shortcut to add a new category.
  • Add item – shortcut to add a new advert.
  • Add field – shortcut to add a new custom field.
  • Add location – shortcut to add new locations.
  • Add duration – shortcut to add a new duration.
  • Types – shortcut to a list of types
  • Point packages – shortcut to a list of point packages
  • Payments – shortcut to payments history
  • Users points – shortcut to the history of points actions
  • Promotions – shortcut to a list of available promotions
  • Add type – shortcut to add a new type.
  • Add package – shortcut to add a new point package.
  • Payments plugins - shortcut to a list of payment plugins
  • Documentation - link to the documentation at
  • Options – link to the DJ-Classifieds component configuration

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