Using the DJ Catalog2 component, you can add all the basic information about the products, categories, and producers that appear in the website's catalog.
Let's take a look at the landing page of the DJ-Catalog2 component.
Navigate to Extensions → DJ-Catalog2, and you will see the control panel:
Short description:
  1. Products – shortcut to a list of available products
  2. Categories – shortcut to a list of available categories
  3. Producers – shortcut to a list of available producers
  4. Field groups – shortcut to a list of available field groups
  5. Extra fields – shortcut to a list of available extra fields
  6. New Product – shortcut to add a new product
  7. New Category – shortcut to add a new category
  8. New Producer – shortcut to add a new producer
  9. New field group – shortcut to add a new field group
  10. New extra field – shortcut to add a new extra field
  11. Queries - shortcut to a list of available queries
  12. Orders -  shortcut to a list of available orders
  13. Subscriptions - shortcut to a list of available subscriptions
  14. Countries -  shortcut to a list of defined countries
  15. Images manager - shortcut to the tool which allows you to recreate thumbnails and images after changing image sizes in component options
  16. Options – shortcut to component options
  17. Documentation – link to the documentation at
  18. Add new features - DJ-Catalog2 customization inquiry.

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