Content integration (for Joomla articles) DJ-Reviews

Content integration (for Joomla articles) DJ-Reviews

DJ-Reviews allows you to set rating and reviews for Joomla! articles.
Open the Content - DJ-Reviews plugin to enter those settings:

  1. Rating group - select rating group for this plugin
  2. Listing pages - display average rating on article listing pages
  3. Display average rating - average rating at the top of the article
  4. Exclude/include method - select the method
  5. Exclude/include categories - select article categories in which plugin should be disabled
  6. Excluded article IDs - comma separated list of article IDs in which plugin should be disabled

Manage reviews right from the Joomla! category or article settings

You can manage the DJ-Reviews also directly in Joomla! categories and articles.

Managing reviews in categories

Open the Joomla! article category you want to manage the reviews in and go to the "Options" tab. There you'll find the settings:

Make needed changes and save the settings. 
All setup made here will populate for all articles in this category. You can, for example, create different rating groups for different article categories.

Managing reviews in articles

You can also manually enable or disable reviews in particular Joomla! articles.
This can be helpful if the article is in the category that has own rating group assigned but you need to disable ratings for this single article for some reason.
To do so, open the article you want to modify -> go to the "Options" tab and scroll down for those settings:

Make needed changes and save the settings. 

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