Creating new Album

Creating new Album

 To display an Album on the frontpage first you need to create new one. Click on the New Album button from the Control Panel and you will be directed to the form:

There are only a few parameters required. You'll see them at the first sight. These parameters are:
  1. Title – Name your new Album
  2. Parent album – Parent is ROOT by default, but you can choose the parent for this Album - new Album will be its child Album
  3. Album source – Choose from what source the items will be displayed. Note that a custom item can be assigned only to those albums which Album source is set to Custom items
  4. Upload images
  5. Choose from the server 
  6. Add video -  Playback regular video when user clicks play icon. Paste here the whole link starting with http:// to the video on,,,,, Yahoo Movies or direct URL to local/remote MP4 video.Feature NOT supported in layouts: Nivo Slider and Skitter Slideshow.
Beside of this group, there are two other groups of paramteres. If you click button 'Show all options' you'll see:
  1. Alias – The Alias will be used in the SEF URL. Leave this blank and Joomla will fill in a default value from the title
  2. Status – Set publication status
  3. Visible on albums list - choose if this album should be visible on the albums list view.
  4. Album image – Choose the Album image to display on Albums Grid layout. If you leave this empty the default image will be used
  5. ID - Record number in the database
In other tabs, you can see the same options you set in global component configuration. You don't need to set anything here unless you want to change the way this new Album is displayed - those settings will override global and menu settings.

Inherit and empty input means that given value will be taken from general settings. The hierarchy of inheriting from lowest to highest priority: Global component settings » Menu item settings » Album settings

Uploading images

Once you have set basic parameters you can add images to your album. To do this, you can use multiple upload tool. Just drag bunch of image files from your computer and drop them in the upload area.

After uplading images will show above upload area.

When you roll over the image it will turn dark and some icons will show. You can move the image to other place (image order will be saved while saving the album), change its name or delete the image bu clicking cross icon.

When you finish you can save the new Album with one of available saving buttons.

Let's see how it works

You are able to create new album not only from albums list view but also:
  1. while you're editing article using DJ-MediaTools editor button
  2. while you're editing module
  3. while you're editing menu item

Albums list

Here is an example list of created Albums which can be filtered by title, publication status and parent Album.

You can use toolbar buttons on the top right to create new, edit, delete or change publication status of existing Albums. If you have DJ-ImageSlider installed there is also button for import items from DJ-ImageSlider component with just one click.
Joomla slideshow extension
  1. Visit DJ-MediaTools page to learn more about the available features. 
  2. Check the documentation for our Joomla gallery and slideshow extension.

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