Creating online event in DJ-Events

Creating online event in DJ-Events

DJ-Events allows you to mark events as "Online." It is an additional option available next to traditional events, which have information regarding their location among the data. When you create a new event, you can specify the location name, City address, zip code, and coordinates. this field will be filled in when you select a point on the map or click "find" under the map, you can also fill in it manually

Online events are characterized by the fact that you do not need to fill in any details about its location. The event is marked as "online," and after creation, it displays as "online event" (basically its location). If the new "Online event" button is set to "No," the events will display the specified/defined location.

How to configure?

Open the DJ-Events component. Go to “Events” and click “New.”

You need to configure all the required fields. Of course, this option works for already created events so that we will use the existing event as an example.
Scroll down to the “Event location” section and set the “Online Event” button as “Yes.”

The whole existing information related to the event’s location will disappear. Click “Save.”
The “Online event” information will be displayed now on the event’s frontpage view. This information will replace the “location” information presented in the same place.

This information will be also visible on the event's thumbnail on the Events listing view. 

And in the Items module as well.

Search location

DJ-Events extension offers a search “Search Events Module” option. Thanks to the module, you can search for existing events by location using the "where" button.
To search for events marked "Online event," select the "* online event" tag from the list of available locations. Thanks to this, only virtual events will appear in the results.

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