Customer Groups

Customer Groups


In DJ-Catalog2 you may categorize your registered customers - mainly in order to give them special discounts using Price Rules because the price rules can be restricted to a customer group.
There are the following parameters that describe a customer group:
  1. name (required) - the friendly name of the customer group
  2. related user group (optional) - a single choice field containing all available Joomla! user groups
  3. ordering (number) - the priority of the customer group (in case the related user group  field is selected)
  4. default (boolean) - whether the group should be assigned by default to each customer 

Automatic assignment

When a related user group parameter is selected, the component will virtually assign registered user to matching customer group, based on user's Joomla! user group. The customer's selected customer group will not change, but the component will pretend as if the user was a member of the matching group. This means that if you connect customer groups with user groups you do not have to worry to manually assign the user to a customer group - all you need to focus on is to assign the user to the appropriate user group.


Usually, it is the administrator who decides which user should be assigned to specific customer groups, however, you may allow your customers to select a customer group upon the registration or at least apply to it. In order to control that behavior, you need to enable and configure "User - DJ-Catalog2" plugin.

There are the following parameters available:
  1. Customer group approval - when enabled, the user will be able to apply to specific customer groups and you, as the administrator, will receive the e-mail informing you about this. But the user will not be assigned to a selected customer group in such as case.
  2. Visible groups - groups that should be visible in profile registration form
  3. Groups without approval - here you can specify which groups do not require the administrator's approval. The option is available only when the Customer group approval setting is enabled. Otherwise all visible customer groups do not require approval.

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