DJ-Catalog2 with multilanguage option using FaLang

DJ-Catalog2 with multilanguage option using FaLang

NOTE: Falang translation for DJ-Catalog2 works only in the backend. Currently, there's no way of translating items from the frontend.
Here is a short instruction on how to use FaLang Extension with DJ-Catalog2 for Joomla,
Ok, let's start:


First, you need to install the FaLang extension available here.
After installing DJ-Catalog2 and Falang, it is required to install XML files that allow translation of the DJ-Catalog2 extension. 
To do so, you need to:
Download the DJ-Catalog2 XML files for Falang (download available for active subscribers)
Go to regular Joomla Extensions installer (Extensions -> Manage -> Install)
Install the downloaded package as a regular Joomla extension 

Translation of DJ-Catalog2 elements:

To translate, go to the "Translation" tab, choose the language (1) on the right side and element to translate (2) :
After choosing "DJ-Catalog-Categories" elements, you'll see the list of DJ-Catalog2 categories.
Choose the category, which you want to translate by clicking its name:
It's possible to change the category's title, its description. It's important to mark publication.

Changes will be saved by clicking the save button.
Optionally, you can also translate the "Meta key" and "Metadesc" fields.
The same happens for the translation of other DJ-Catalog2 elements by selecting an option:
Translating Menu Position:
Choose the element to translate- "Menu"(1) and then choose the menu, which includes the position to translate (2):
Choose the menu position which you want to be translated by clicking it.
Change the name and alias and public. In the end, save all.

Don't forget to publish the "FaLang Language Switcher" module in a position where you want the switcher to appear, and you're ready with your multilanguage DJ-Catalog2 website!

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