DJ-Classifieds "add to favorites" / wish list functionality

DJ-Classifieds "add to favorites" / wish list functionality

You can easily enable the wish list/favourites functionality in DJ-Classifieds.

This feature lets users save their favourite ads to the wish list to come back later to review them easily.

Enable "Add to favourites" in DJ-Classifieds options

In Joomla backend go to Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> Options -> Global tab -> Advert Specific Settings section and enable " Use Favorites " option. Then save the settings.


Enable access to "Favorites / Wish list" in DJ-Classifieds User Menu

The DJ-Classifieds User Menu is a module with links to most used places for your users.

The Favorites / Wish list can also be visible for users in this module.

To enable the link, in Joomla back end go to Extensions -> Module and filter modules by type and find " DJClassifieds User Menu " (this module comes free with every DJ-Classifieds)


In the module, settings enable the " Show User Favorites link" and save the module.


How "Add to favourites" works on front-end

Once you have enabled the User Menu module feature, your users will see that feature on the front end in the module. Once the link is clicked they'll be taken to the "Favorites advert" view:

DJ-Classifieds-add-to favorites-user-view

Add "Your favourites adverts" menu to any menu.

You can also add a link to the wish list/favourite adverts as a new menu item.

DJ-Classifieds-add-to favorites-menu-item

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