DJ-Classifieds Admin Stats Module

DJ-Classifieds Admin Stats Module

The DJ-Classifieds Admin Stats module overview

This module is  not included in the All In One Package (DJ-Classifieds AIO) - you need to  download it from the downloads section - this module is available  for all active subscribers for free!

Check also the  Items Statistics module and plugin for DJ Classifieds adverts!

With this module, you can display your classifieds stats in the Joomla backend.

Row 1

From the top bar, in the first row, you can select the period the information will be displayed:

Daily, Monthly, Yearly, or on the selected date. Click "Show" to see the results for the specified timeframe.

Row 2

The second row has the graphs for the:

  • Added/expired ads
  • Buy Now transactions
  • Profit

Tip: You can click on the color rectangle to hide Added or expired ads from the graph:

The time range selected in the first row will be reflected in the graphs.

Row 3

3rd row provides the numbers and details for:

  • Most popular categories
  • Most popular subscription plans (for Subscription Plans App users)
  • Most ads per user - here you can see the users with most adverts added
  • Most viewed ads - list of ads with the most views

The time range selected in the first row will be reflected in the graphs.

Row 4

4th row gives Basic stats:

  • Total ads in DJ-Classifieds
  • Active ads
  • Active auctions
  • Active categories

The time range selected in the first row will be reflected in the graphs.

Row 5

the 5h row gives the stats for added adverts by time range, so adverts submitted:

  • today
  • in last 24hours
  • current week
  • last seven days
  • current month
  • last 30 days
  • current year
  • in the last 12 months

Module installation

Installation is straightforward.

  1. download the from our download section
  2. install it like any other extension in Joomla
  3. Edit the module and publish it incorrect module position
    1. go to the Extensions -> Modules
    2. filter Administrator in the first select list
    3. type " stats " in the input field
    4. and click the magnifier icon
    5. and then click the " DJ-Classifieds admin stats " to edit it

Once you click the module name you need to set:

  1. set the status to " Published ."
  2. Select the "cpanel" position
  3. Save the module

When all set you'll see the Admin Stats module in the System -> Control Panel in your Joomla back-end

Module settings

The DJ-Classifieds Admin Stats module allows for these settings:

  1. Stats type: Daily // Monthly // Yearly - choose the default state for your stats
  2. Display only in DJ-Classifieds: With this option selected, if you chose a different position available in DJ-Classifieds, the module will be displayed only in the DJ-Classifieds view. 

All items 3-14 have the option to be visible or hidden; the list of the available items to show are:

Total ads, active ads, active auctions, categories, ads today, in last 24 hours, in the current week, in last seven days, in the current month, in last 30 days, in the current year, and last/previous year. 

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