DJ-CookieMonster - settings

DJ-CookieMonster - settings

CookieMonster Joomla plugin is purposed for informing website visitors about cookie policy.

Let's see the plugin settings:

1. General settings

  1. Theme - choose from 9 styles, learn more about available styles
  2. Test mode - enable to test how the plugins work. In this mode, the plugin will be visible on every page refresh so You can match settings to your preferences.
  3. Show once - the message will be displayed only once, at the first visit
  4. Display for registered - displays the information also for logged users
  5. Cookie time - enter number of days during which the cookie alert will not be displayed, once the time set in this setting pass the cookie notification will be displayed again
  6. Width - set the width in % or px. You can define here the width of the content area, not the width of the whole plugin.
  7. Message Source - you can choose whether to display a standard notification or custom message in the HTML module.
    If you choose "Plugin" you define fields "Message header" and "Message" below.
    If you choose "Module" you need to set a module with the desired content.
  8. Message header - This heading will be displayed at the top of the plugin area. If you leave this empty, no header will be displayed (Message Source - plugin)
  9. Message - There you need to enter a description that will be displayed in the content area of the plugin. If you leave this empty, default message will be used (Message Source - plugin)
  10. Module - use this if you selected a custom module as the source of the message (Message Source - module). You will see here a select list with available modules. Each of them has a name, ID, and selected language. You can select for example some Custom HTML Module with this text:

    Then you will see the same content in the DJ-CookieMonster area:

2. Close button

This element is a button that the user needs to click to accept your cookie policy. After accepting the terms DJ-CookieMonster would not show on the user computer depends on the value selected in the above field - Cookie Time.
This button is visible in all themes but its look and location depend on selected theme.

  1. Close button text - It's a text visible on the button. if you leave this empty, default value will be used
  2. Close button title attribute - enable title attribute for the close button. The title attribute specifies extra information about an element. The information is shown as a tooltip text when the mouse moves over the element:

  3. Close button title text - enter text for close button attribute. If the above field is set to Yes after hovering the button you will see text entered in this field.
  4. Close button aria-label attribute - enable aria-label attribute for the close button. The aria-label attribute is used to define a string that labels the current element. It's very important for websites with WCAG & ADA support.
  5. Close button aria-label attribute text - enter text for close button aria-label attribute. If the above field is set to Yes, this text will be used for the aria-label attribute.

  1. Policy URL - URL address of cookie policy article. A link will be displayed after the content. You can enter here relative or absolute path.
  2. Policy URL label - for example, "read more" leave it empty for the default setting
  3. Policy URL target - choose if you want to open link in the same or new window

4. Style specific settings

You can find screenshots for each theme and specific style settings here.

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