Global settings

  1. Theme - Choose your theme. To start creating your own, copy all contents from /components/com_djevents/themes/bootstrap folder to /components/com_djevents/themes/YOUR_THEME. Do not remove/modify 'bootstrap' folder!
  2. Date format - Format of the event date. This feature uses the PHP date format.
  3. Time format - Format of the event date. You can choose 12-hour or 24-hour, with or without the leading zeros.
  4. Notifications emails - New-line separated list of email addresses to which notifications should be delivered. If the list is empty, website's email address will be used.
  5. Tags type - Choose whether to use DJ-Events own tags solution or core Joomla! tags

Google Maps settings

  1. Google Maps API Key - provide your Google Maps API Key to enable custom requests API limit.
  2. Center latitude 
  3. Center longitude
  4. Zoom - choose value
  5. Marker - select marker
  6. Custom Styles - set the custom styles

Images settings

  1. Image width - image width in pixels
  2. Image height - image height in pixels
  3. Image resizing - choose the way of image resizing
  4. Image quality - image quality (100-best)
  5. Thumbnail width - thumbnail width in pixels
  6. Thumbnail height - thumbnail height in pixels
  7. Thumbnail resizing - choose the way of thumbnail resizing
  8. Thumbnail quality - thumbnail quality (100-best)
  9. Small thumbnail width - small thumbnail width in pixels
  10. Small thumbnail height - small thumbnail height in pixels
  11. Small thumbnail quality - small thumbnail quality (100-best)

Views Settings

Events Listing View

  1. Listing limit - Set the number of events to be loaded at once on the event listing
  2. Featured in top limit - Set the number of featured events to be loaded in the top of the event listing
  3. Show featured events heading - Yes/No
  4. Show events list heading - Yes/No
  5. Show switcher to Weekly Events View - Yes/No
  6. Show event title - Yes/No
  7. Show event short description- Yes/No
  8. Show event poster - Yes/No
  9. Show event time - Yes/No
  10. Show event city- Yes/No
  11. Show event category - Yes/No
  12. Show event read more - Yes/No

Weekly Events View

  1. Show weekly view heading - Yes/No
  2. Show next/prev week buttons - Yes/No
  3. Show switcher to Events Listing View - Yes/No
  4. Buttons position - Both / Top / Bottom
  5. Show day heading - Yes/No
  6. Date format of day heading
  7. Show event title - Yes/No
  8. Show event short description - Yes/No
  9. Show event poster - Yes/No
  10. Show event time - Yes/No
  11. Show event city - Yes/No
  12. Show event category - Yes/No
  13. Show event read more - Yes/No

Event View

  1. Show event title - Yes/No
  2. Show event time - Yes/No
  3. Show event category - Yes/No
  4. Show event short description - Yes/No
  5. Show event gallery - Yes/No
  6. Show event price information - Yes/No
  7. Show event external url - Yes/No
  8. Show event location - Yes/No
  9. Show event location on the map - Yes/No
  10. Show event tags - Yes/No
  11. Social buttons - None/Top/Bottom
  12. Social code - you can paste here share buttons code

Upload settings

  1. Maximum image size (KB) - Enter maximum image size in KB
  2. Chunk size (KB) - Enables you to chunk the file intro smaller pieces for example if your PHP server has a max post size of 1MB you can chunk a 10 MB file into 10 requests
  3. Maximum resize width (px) - maximum resize width in pixels
  4. Maximum resize height (px) - maximum resize height in pixels
  5. Resize quality (1-100) - quality of resized image (100-best)

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