Frontend submission

Frontend submission

You can let your users add events from front - end.

Add a menu item by creating new item

Go to your Menu in Menus from Joomla administrator panel and add a new menu item.

Give the menu item a title (1) and click Select (2) 

In the modal window choose DJ-Events and Event Submission Form 

Then set the Access depending who you want to allow to add the events 

and Save

Frontend submission

Once the user starts adding the event the form looks like this: 

Add new event
  1. Event title - write the title of the event
  2. Alias - write the alias name
  3. Event category - select category for the event
  4. External Event URL - set the url 
  5. Price information - place for the information about event's price
  6. Event short description - place for a short description
  7. Event description - place for a full description
  8. Event tags - here you can set the list of tags for the event
Date and time of the event
  1. Start - set the start date
  2. Start Time - set the start time in hours and minutes or mark the field as "not specified"
  3. Use End Event Time - Yes/No
  4. Event Repetition - choose between - No/Weekly.Monthly/Yearly
Event Media
  1. Video link - place a link to a video
  2. Upload multiple images - you add images here
Event location
  1. Online events  - Yes/No
  2. Location name - type the location name
  3. Address - type the address
  4. City - choose a city from the list or type the name of the city
  5. Postcode - type the postcode
  6. Latitude - type the latitude
  7. Longitude - type the longitude
  8. Map zoom - type the unit of the map zoom
The above-mentioned settings are used to display google maps and the map related to submitted events on the website.
The information added in the "event location" appears in the details of the single event and on the map if the map module is displayed on the page.

Setting the ACL

You can find the ACL settings in Components -> DJ-Events -> Options -> Permissions tab 

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