DJ-MediaTools and j2Store integration

DJ-MediaTools and j2Store integration

From this article, you will learn about the possibilities offered by the integration of DJ-MediaTools and j2Store.

By using the integration plugin, you will be able to display j2Store products as the source of the DJ-MediaTools album.

The products can be presented as if they were in the store if they can include the price, the button adds to the basket and many other items.

What is J2Store?

J2Store is a free, and easy use shopping cart extension for Joomla, thanks to which you can build an online store even quickly. j2Store integrates with Joomla and allows you to use your default Joomla articles as products.

The shopping cart has everything you need to run an online store successfully. It comes with a set of features to customize your eCommerce store like advanced pricing, customer group pricing, related products, filters, multi-currencies, shipping, and much more.

J2Store is integrated with 75+ payment gateways in the World, including popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout, Mollie, Payfast, WorldPay, SagePay, Klarna, and more.

What do you need to use the integration?

For the proper course of integration, it is required to have the DJ-MediaTools and j2Store extensions installed at Joomla website.

DJ-MediaTools package contains an integration plugin allowing to use of J2Store Products as a source of DJ-MediaTools Albums.

It’s named “DJ-MediaTools Source - J2Store“, and it’s available along with other plugins in your Joomla backend after DJ-MediaTools extension installation. The plugin needs to be enabled.

If you want to use j2Store as a source of your Media Tools album go to Extensions -> DJ-MediaTools and then to "Albums" and choose "New".

Choose J2Store Products as the album source.

J2Store album options

You can display items from J2Store categories or j2Store individual items. Display price, cart, quantity box or /and add to cart button. Product image can be used from j2Store or article image. The image can link to j2Store product or Joomla article view.

There are also some filtering options to choose from. You can set categories, define category filtering type (inclusive, exclusive), include or exclude articles from child categories, display featured articles (show, hide) and more.

Results can be displayed by title, hits, date, ID, publishing date, and other criteria. You can also set the ordering direction.

DJ-MediaTools allows to choose among nine different layouts and show J2Store products using one of them.

Let's see the plugin source settings:

  1. Source - choose whether to fetch items from a category or individual terms
  2. Filtering Options for Categories 
  3. Category Filtering Type - Select inclusive to include the selected categories, exclusive to exclude the selected categories
  4. Category - please select one or more categories
  5. Child Category Articles - include or exclude articles from Child Categories
  6. Category Depth - A number of child category levels to return
  7. Featured Articles - Select to show, hide, or only display Featured Articles
  8. Article Field to Order By - select which field you would like articles to be ordered by. Featured ordering should only be used when filtering option for featured articles is set to only.
  9. Ordering Direction - select the direction you would like Articles to be ordered by
  10. Items (Fill this if you use items as source)
  11. Items List - enter a comma-separated Article IDS
  12. Layout Options (common for both sources)
  13. Show price - Show / Hide
  14. Show cart - Show / Hide
  15. Show quantity box - Show / Hide
  16. Add to cart (Note: you can see the options for products having simple types only):   
  17. Choose product image from - this will set where to get the images to display for the product based on the selection of article image / j2Store thumbnail image
  18. Link to - this will set the link to the single product based on the selection of Article view / j2Store Product view
  19. Select a menu - choose a menu from the list
  20. Default image - select default image to display if the product does not contain any images. If you leave this empty then products without images won't be displayed.
Take a look at the example DJ MediaTools slideshow (modern slider layout) presenting j2Store products:

This slideshow example you can see live at the live demo of shopping cart Joomla template for J2Store.

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