DJ-MediaTools integration. Make beautiful product galleries with DJ-MediaTools

DJ-MediaTools integration. Make beautiful product galleries with DJ-MediaTools

How to set it up

First, you need to be sure you have the latest DJ-MediaTools version installed along with the enabled DJ-Catalog2 integration plugin for DJ-MediaTools.

 You can also download the plugin from the DJ-MediaTools Downloads section (available for active subscribers)

DJ-MediaTools setup

1. Now in Joomla backend go to Components -> DJ-MediaTools -> Albums and create new Album by clicking the New button

3. Fill all needed fields (also set the layout you want to use on product page by selecting it in DJ-MediaTools -> New Album  form and choose DJ-Catalog2 Product Gallery as the Album source 

 4. save the form

DJ-Catalog2 setup

Now enable DJ-Catalog2 settings to handle integration for DJ-MediaTools.

Go to Components -> DJ-Catalog2 -> Options -> Image Processing tab and scroll down to DJ-MediaTools (DJ-MT) Integration section and enable this feature (set it to "Yes”).

Below that setting, you'll find 4 additional settings:
  1. DJ-MT Album - Product
  2. DJ-MT Album - Category
  3. DJ-MT Album - Producer
  4. DJ-MT Minimum count
For points 1,2, and 3, you need to choose one of the Album(s) you created earlier in the first step (DJ-MediaTools setup).

In setting DJ-MT Minimum count, you can decide when the integration will be triggered (default the setting is 2 - so the DJ-MediaTools integration will display DJ-MediaTools layout only are more than 2 images in product, category, or producer view).

Click Save to save the settings.

When it's all set

You’ll see the DJ-MediaTools layout in product details. In DJ-MediaTools album settings, you can choose one of the available layouts (slider, gallery grid, modern slider, kwicks, skitter, and more)

Possible scenarios you can see in DJ-Catalog2 settings.

 1. DJ-MediaTools is not installed - you need to install DJ-MediaTools

2. DJ-MediaTools is installed, but there is no Album with source set to “DJ-Catalog2 Product Gallery” present in DJ-MediaTools - You need to create new Album with correct source settings (see above

3. DJ-MediaTools is installed and configured properly 

This will work the same for DJ-Catalog2 category images and producer images.
The DJ-Catalog2 integration plugin is available with DJ-MediaTools Gallery and Slideshow extension.

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