EXIF data reader for pictures

EXIF data reader for pictures

 An EXIF data reader for pictures was introduced in the DJ-MediaTools 2.13 version.
Users can enable this option to include the metadata information in images.
This feature can be configured in DJ-MediaTools options, in the "Album settings" tab.
  1. Show EXIF - Yes / No - Show or hide EXIF info from the image file
  2. EXIF info - Choose which EXIF info to show and in what order. Separate tags with a comma.

After configuration, the link will be visible in the left corner of the image, and clicking it will display the data in the popup window.

Joomla slideshow extension
  1. Visit DJ-MediaTools page to learn more about the available features. 
  2. Check the documentation for our Joomla gallery and slideshow extension.

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