Font Awesome in DJ-MegaMenu

Font Awesome in DJ-MegaMenu

How to add Font Awesome Icon to Menu Item
Font Awesome allows you to add vector icons from a huge library to your Menu items in an easy way.
We have prepared short tutorial about how to add font awesome icons to your menu structure.
1. Click on "Menus" and choose "Main Menu".

2. We will add vector icon to "Car ads" menu item.

3. Open this item and choose "DJ-MegaMenu Options" Tab.
The code must be placed in the "Menu Icon" Set Font Awesome icon by typing a proper classes.
You can select the icon you want from - Font Awesome Icons
We use "fa fa-sign-in" icon on this example.

Save Menu Item and preview in your browser
4.  As you can see, the "Car ads" item contains a vector icon now.

To increase icon sizes relative to their container is required to use classes fa-2x, fa-3x, fa-4x, or fa-5x classes.

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