GDPR Agreements in DJ-Catalog2 forms

GDPR Agreements in DJ-Catalog2 forms

How to enable GDPR Agreements

DJ-Catalog2 ver. 3.7.2 introduced additional form controls, making the component compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this article, we would like to demonstrate how to configure those controls.
In DJ-Catalog2, there are two types of forms that collect personal data and which might oblige you to do enable required checkbox fields along with the information on why you need to collect user data and whether the user accepts your website's privacy policy:
  • Ask about this product form.
  • Cart form (Query or Checkout)
To enable agreement checkboxes, please enable "Privacy policy agreement" and "Data protection agreement" options (in the configuration of the DJ-Catalog2 component). This will reveal additional text area fields called "Agreement information," in which you can (but don't have to) enter your own information. If you leave information empty, the pre-defined language phrase will be used instead. The agreement information may contain HTML code in case you wanted it to display links, for example.

In the component, there are two individual sections regarding privacy policy and data protection: one for basic "Ask about this product form" and the other for Cart forms (common for queries and orders). They can be found in the "General settings" and "Cart" tabs, respectively.


  • Ask about this product.

Checkout page


Once the user sends the inquiry or submits the order, the administrator will receive a notification e-mail containing the proof that the user has selected the d agreement checkbox. Like on following example screen-shot:

When it comes to Cart Querries and Orders, the administrator may see whether the user agreed with your privacy policy and allowed you to process his personal data.

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