HelloMaps plugin

HelloMaps plugin

This plugin is from 3rd party developer, and you can get it with HelloMaps extension. Learn more about HelloMaps and get discount.

HelloMaps Dj-Classifieds plugin shows Dj-Classifieds items in Hellomaps.

Short description:

  1. Show in the sidebar -   Show in the sidebar in a map view - yes/no
  2. Tab Title -  Sidebar tab title  
  3. Show Tab Counter -   shows the number of items that are correctly geo-located
  4. Show search - show search box - yes/no
  5. Search Fields - Insert DJ-Classifieds fields that you want to include in the search. 
  6. Show Filters - Show categories filters - yes/no
  7. DJ-Classifieds categories - select categories that will appear in checkbox filter
  8. Marker Icon - Google map marker type
  9. Markers Name - Markers for categories
  10. Marker Width - use icons 45*45
  11. Marker High - use icons at minimum 45*45
  12. Enable sidebar details - show DJ-Classifieds details in the sidebar - yes/no
  13. Details extra fields - insert DJ-Classifieds extra fields that you want to display in the sidebar. 
  14. Show notice area - show the custom message of this plugin when map load - yes/no. 
  15. Notice area text - notice area content
  16. Enable Marker Info window - display marker info window on marker click event - yes/no
  17. Display Markers Result - Show markers results box - yes/no
  18. Visible Area Restrictions  (Experimental) - the plugin will only search in the map's visible area - yes/no. 
  19. Exclude expired Items - exclude expired DJ-Classifieds items - yes/no. 
  20. Follow Category - show the only advert from this category - yes/no.

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