How does access restrictions for categories work?

How does access restrictions for categories work?

Access Restrictions feature in DJ-Classifieds allows setting different restrictions for a chosen category. 

Essentially, it is convenient when you allow specific users to perform specific actions within a given category.

Open the DJ-Classifieds component and go to "Categories". You can add a new category or edit an existing one.

Choose "New" or "Edit" selected category and open the "Access Restrictions" tab.

djclassifieds access restrictions

There are few options to choose from:

Access only for adults

It is possible to restrict access to a given category only for adult users, forcing them to confirm they are over 18 years old, before showing the category content.

You can choose between "Default/Inherit" or "Restricted".

access for adults

Viewing Access Restrictions

You can restrict the viewing access of the category to a certain Joomla! Viewing Access Level.

viewing access restrictions

Viewing advert details Access Restrictions

You can restrict the viewing access for the advert details to a certain Joomla! Viewing Access Level.

viewing advert details restrictions

Adding Access Restrictions

You can restrict access for posting ads to the category to certain user groups.

Choose between "Deafult/Inherit" and "Restricted". Choosing "Restricted" will let you then choose the specific user groups.

adding access restrictions

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