How the batch processing works

How the batch processing works

Batch processing lets you perform one task on multiple items at once.
You will find the Batch button in various pages in your Joomla control panel.
You can also use the "Batch" feature in DJ-Classifieds - in Items, Categories, and User Profiles.
It works in the same way as in Joomla and allows change of properties for selected elements.
This process works the same way for each option. You need to select elements from the list and click batch. The ony difference is the options available.


You can change multiple categories (Move to Category) and/or advert's author (Assign to User).
Select the items you want to process and click the "batch" button.

Set options and click the "Process" button.


You can assign multiple chosen categories to a chosen parent category.
Select the categories you want to process and click the "batch" button.

Assign items to a chosen category and click the "Process" button.
You can also change the item's expiration date.
Just select the items you want to process, click the Batch button, set the expiration date and all the selected items will get a new expiration date. 

User profiles

You can multiple verify users (set verified), add them to selected users group (assign to a user group) or send "Custom" mail to selected users.
Select the users you want to process and click the "batch" button.

Set available options and click the "Process" button.


You can batch process multiple regions and assign them to parent regions at one go with the Batch feature in Locations/Regions.
Select the locations you want to process and click the "batch" button.

Custom fields

On the custom fields level in the component's backend, you can select particular fields and process them in batch. To do so, click the checkboxes next to the fields you want to update, and click the "Batch" button.

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