How the field groups work?

How the field groups work?

DJ-Classifieds gives the possibility to create a group of custom fields in the category, contact, profile/registration, and ask form fields and assign them to Joomla groups.

This way, you can display different fields for different groups. 

What is the field group? 

It is a kind of category for extra fields. When creating an additional field, you can select the field group it should belong to, so you can group custom fields, and with the settings available in the field group, you can show/hide this set of extra fields for specific users.

Each custom field that is assigned to a Fields Group gets the CSS class that can be used for styling.

Group types

Now when editing a field group field you can choose between:
  1. category fields,
  2. contact fields,
  3. profile / registration fields
  4. and ask form fields 

To perform such an action, open your DJ-Classifieds control panel. Navigate to "Field groups" and click "New."

Category and contact field groups

For these two types of fields, you can configure:
  1. User groups restriction -  choose user groups to access custom fields from this field group. For example, as we set the restriction for registered users only, the " not logged in" user will not see the fields assigned to this field group when adding an advert. Apart from adding an advert it also works for advert edit, profile edit, contact form, and elsewhere where it is about using a form. 
  2. Access - set the Joomla access level, decide who sees custom fields in Ad details, Ads lists, etc.

Profile/registration field groups 

For the profile/registration option, there is also a choice of user groups restrictions: 

Using this option, you can create a separate set of custom fields for different field groups, and the group itself can be selected during registration.
Additionally, such a user could be assigned to a selected user group during registration by selecting a field group (you can assign such a user group in the options). 

Ask form fields

For the ask form fields option, the "access" option disappears because they are always displayed in the form, so access is not applicable.

Show title

You can also use the "Show title" option for Field groups.
The fields group name is displayed before each custom field (unless another field comes from the same group). 
In the field group edition view, there is a "Show title" option where you can choose between 

What’s more

The possibility of assigning user groups and access gives excellent opportunities because it can be combined with, for example, subscription plans. The plans can be configured so that after the purchase, the user goes to a given group of users, and this way, for example, you can provide access to specific fields depending on the purchased plan. 

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