How to add DJ-ImageSlider slideshow module to the content / Joomla article

How to add DJ-ImageSlider slideshow module to the content / Joomla article

This article originally is about placing DJ-ImageSlider into the articles, but the same method will work with any other module!

If you want to publish DJ-ImageSlider module inside your content you should use the Content - Load Modules plugin to do so.

  1. First, check if the plugin is enabled. To do so - go to Extensions -> Plug-in Manager and filter the "modules" word to check if the module is enabled.

  1. Then go to your modules and assign the DJ-ImageSlider module to the position you want to use (you can just create one, the name can be anything)  

  1. Next step. Open the "Menu Assignment" tab to assign the module.

If you're using a custom module position for a specific DJ-ImageSlider module that will be used in the article you can set the assignment to: "On all pages", otherwise specify the exact menu positions in a regular way.   

  1. Next, open your article and put the code: slider-in-joomla-article-position (where content-article is the module position you just assigned the module to). 

That's it, the module will appear in your article.

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