How to add extra fields during new user registration process

How to add extra fields during new user registration process

Note: Looking for the tutorial for DJ-Classifieds registration plugin? Check this article: "Registration plugin for DJ-Classifieds"
If you want to add extra fields for your users during registration you need to use Joomla User Profile plugin.
Joomla User Profile plugin appears in the Joomla core and when enabled gives the possibility to add more information fields to registered users profiles.

In this short tutorial, we will show you next what this plugin does.

Here are all types of fields that can be added directly to the profiles:
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Postal / ZIP Code
  • Phone
  • Web site
  • Favorite Book
  • About Me
  • Date of Birth
  • Terms of service
  • Select terms of service article

Enabling the Joomla User Profile plugin

  1. Go to Plugin Manager and find the plugin through "Search" field typing "profile"
  2. Enable the plugin clicking the "x" button. 

Editing the Joomla User Profile plugin

Open the plugin, as you can see options are divided into two tables:
  1. User profile fields for registration and administrator user forms - when someone wants to register
  2. User profile fields for profile edit form - when people are members already
It can be useful If you want to ask people something only at the registration process for example.
Each field can be set as: Disabled, Optional or Required.

The first set of fields:

And so looks like the second set of fields:

The usage of Joomla User Profile

Let's see how the registration fields look for your website's registered users.

Now check the view of your fields during the profile's edition.

We have the final view that is visible in each user profile in the administrator area. That's how the fields appear now:

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