How to allow user to access only one component in admin panel in 4 steps

How to allow user to access only one component in admin panel in 4 steps

Sometimes you need to allow a user to access and manage only one (or few) Joomla! the component in the backend.
This is quite easy to set. From this tutorial, you'll learn how to do it. I'll show that on DJ-Classifieds example.
Created users will be able to manage only one component in Joomla! backend.

Step 1. Add new user group  

In Joomla admin panel click "Users" in the top bar and then "Add New Group"

And then:  

  1. Name your group however you like. I'll call it "DJ-Classifieds"  
  2. Select "Manager" as the parent group  
  3. Click "Save & Close"

Step 2. Assign the user to the new group  

Edit or create a new user and in the "Assigned User Groups" tab check the newly created Group (DJ-Classifieds in my case) and click "Save & Close".

Step 3. Grant access to DJ-Classifieds component  

Click "System" and then "Global Configuration" in the submenu

  1. From the left menu select "DJ-Classifieds"  
  2. Open"Permissions" tab  
  3. Select "DJ-Classifieds" (this is the group we created earlier)  
  4. In "Access Administration Interface" row  
  5. Select "Allowed"  
  6. And save by clicking "Save & Close"

Step 4. Disable access to other components  

Now you need to disable access for all components you don't want the user to see in the backend.  
In default Joomla! setup you'll need to disable access to:
  • Banners  
  • Contacts  
  • Articles  
  • Smart Search  
  • Media manager  
  • Messaging  
  • News Feeds  
  • Search  
  • Weblinks

To do so:  

For each component that you want to hide from the user go to its "Options" and repeat this scenario:

  1. Open "Permissions" tab  
  2. Select "DJ-Classifieds" group (this is the group I created in Step 1.)  
  3. Select "Denied" in "Access Administration Interface"  
  4. And click "Save & Close"

You're ready. Now the user has access only to DJ-Classifieds component

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