How to apply album settings into other albums?

How to apply album settings into other albums?

If you're happy with the settings you did for one Album you may want to use the very same, or slightly changed setup for other Albums.

Using presets can also help you to change the layout of the album to the preferred one without the need of setting each album from scratch.

You can create an unlimited number of Presets and use them across all DJ-MediaTools Albums.

Learn how to create, edit and copy the Album presets from the documentation: Presets - predefined album settings

Use the Presets to keep consistency between different areas of your website

You want to set the album setting to fit your website layout on different areas and be later used in all new albums to keep consistency across the pages. Instead of setting the global settings (that would allow you to keep only one default setting), you can now have several Presets that can have totally different settings.

You can create a couple of Presets that will keep the preferred effects and images dimensions. Each preset can have totally different settings and friendly names. When you create the new album you simply choose the preset to have all the options setup.

Assign the presets to all the Albums that should have these settings.

Presets can be saved and exported into files. Users can import saved presets and use them on different Joomla installations with the DJ-MediaTools extension.  Learn more here: How to import/export presets in DJ-MediaTools  

Use the Presets to update several Albums at the same time

Using presets can also reduce the time needed for changing the settings for the Albums when you're changing the template or doing other changes on your website that require the change of the layouts.

Assuming you have a large number of Albums on your website, if you're using presets for them you can easily update their look and behavior by simply editing the Presets.

For example, having 20 Albums and editing each of them for specific settings will be much faster if you assign the presets to them -> then all you need to do is changing the Preset settings in one place (Presets). After you save the Preset all the Albums with this Preset set will be updated.

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