How to correctly display articles on the homepage

How to correctly display articles on the homepage

We often receive inquiries from our customers about how to properly link the articles on the website. 
The most common problem is to displaying articles on the homepage instead of on the subpage. 
Fixing this error is very easy because you only need to add a menu item to an assigned category.

Each article link contains the menu item ID, if there is no menu item for this article then the menu item ID of article category (or parent of this category) is taken. At last, if there is no menu item for the article category than the current menu item ID is used, so if you are on the homepage the article will be open on the homepage.

The solution is to create a separate category of articles and assign it to any menu (not necessarily the menu must be shown in someplace). 

Let's see it on the example of Joomla articles, but the same idea applies to any component

First of all, we must create a new category ( “ BLOG “) and some articles. For example, we will create a new category called “ Blog “

And some new articles assigned to the " Blog " category.

We need to create a new menu “ Sample Menu “
Menus > Manage > Add New Menu

Next, create a new menu item.
Menus > All Menu Items > New

Choose Menu Item Type to “ Category Blog ”

Now your articles from this category will be displayed on the new page.
By using this method you can display different modules on other subpages. You can change it on module settings, tab “ Menu Assignment “.

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