How to disable any module on DJ-Classifieds advert's details page

How to disable any module on DJ-Classifieds advert's details page

Learn how you can disable any module on DJ-Classifieds advert details page.

The scenario

Let's assume you want to turn off a module on DJ-Classifieds ad page (so the page with ad's details - for example, our demo page ).

What will you need

You will need to get the  Advanced Module Manager to get it working.

Download and install Advanced Module Manager (Free)

Let's roll

Ok, once you have all installed, we can start disabling the module. In my case, I will hide the Search module you can see on the left of the mentioned advert.


Now go to your Joomla backend and edit the module you want to hide on advert's page.

When editing the module open the " Assignments " tab


Now scroll down to the URL part, click "Exclude" button and type:

  1. /ad/
  2. option=com_djclassifieds&view=item&


Now Save the module settings and reload the page (the adverts page).

As you can see, the module is now gone:


Final thoughts

  • I have used the /ad/ as the part of the URL in Advanced Module Manager setting, but remember that if you have changed it to something different in DJ-Classifieds settings - you need to be using yours. The settings for this can be found in DJ-Classifieds options -> Seo Settings tab -> View Item.
    For example, if you change the name to " advert", you will need to change the part of the URL to /advert/ instead of using default /ad/
  • You can do the same with any module and any component knowing the static part of it, and of course, you can do the same with the one particular page by entering its URL.

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