How to display multiple columns with modules and headings in submenu?

How to display multiple columns with modules and headings in submenu?

First of all, make sure you have enable DJ-MegaMenu system plugin. ( If disabled, enable it) Extensions > Plugins > DJ-MegaMenu system plugin

Go to your actual menu and create new menu item. Menus > Your menu name > Add New Menu Item and press “ + NEW “ button

For example we create sample menu item with type “ Category list” - No difference what you choose.

In next step we need to create subcolumns, so again create new menu item but this time we need change Parent Item and DJ-MegaMenu Options

(2) Change start new column to YES, if you want you can specify column width in pixels (4) (3) Type a module position in which modules will be displayed. It have to be unique name of position, which you don’t use anywhere else. Now repeat this steps and create second subcolumn. Change position to another ( for example dj-megamenu-2 ) Your menu should have this structure

Remember about type position from Module position in DJ-MegaMenu Options. ( in example its dj-megamenu-1 or dj-megamenu-2 )


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