How to extend or renew your subscription?

How to extend or renew your subscription?

You can easily extend or renew your subscription and benefit from the automatic 25% discount.
There are two ways of doing so:

1. You can renew your subscription through your account at

  • Click Login" on the top right of the website

  • and enter your details to log in

  • Once you're logged in click on "My Account"

Now you will see all your licenses.

  • Clicking once from the „Renew" buttons starts the regular ordering process and you can purchase it the same way as usual - then a 25% discount will be applied automatically
  • You can also apply for another discount coupon if you have any.

2. You can also renew your subscription directly through your email

  • It's easy. All you need to do is click the „Renew" button in this mail

After clicking that button you'll be forwarded to the „My Licenses" tab and from here you can follow the process as described above.
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