How to import data to custom attributes

How to import data to custom attributes

Importing data to custom attributes is very simple - the  column of the field has to be named according to the following pattern: 
underscore symbol + attribute's alias
For example, if the alias of your custom attribute is "additional_features,"  then the name of the column in the CSV file should be  "_additional_features."

Predefined values

Besides, if you are going to import data to fields with predefined values (i.e., select, radio, checkbox),  then as a value, you should provide the exact name of the value or list of values separated with a comma.
For example, if the checkbox field has  available options [Alfa|Bravo|Charlie|Delta] and your product has values "Bravo" and "Charlie." The content of the appropriate cell in the CSV file should be: "Bravo, Charlie."


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