How to insert DJ-MegaMenu license key

How to insert DJ-MegaMenu license key

Once you install, use and like DJ-MegaMenu Free you can easily upgrade to Professional edition. See how to upgrade from free to professional edition.
With Pro version, you can benefit many features unavailable in Free edition - see what's not available in Free edition      

Steps to do an upgrade from Free to Pro

2. go to My Account and find your license number
Now copy the license key and paste it in the DJ-MegaMenu module (1)

and click Go Professional (2).
Now the license key is entered and confirmed (see below screenshot [1]) 
and you can upgrade to Professional Edition (2)
after that you'll have Professional Edition installed:

Note: After the purchase of the DJ-MegaMenu Pro subscription you can also download the Professional Edition package from the download section and install it using Joomla Extensions Manager.

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